Friday, June 18, 2010

Children's Spiritual Book •PURI•

Children are spiritual from the day they are born. They further learn spiritual qualities such as caring, kindness, love and compassion through their family and friends. Children follow the example of their parents or guardians, what they read in books and what they watch on television. If a child is treated with love and kindness, he or she will adopt those same qualities. If a child is abused or lied to, they may also learn to lie and abuse. Spirituality is an inner belief system that provides a sense of meaning and purpose and is the key to our children’s happiness.

Our own thoughts, words, and responses are like a mirror to a child — they will reflect the same back to us. We must be mindful to live lovingly and be a good example to children. We should encourage and support spiritual practices in our children, not just at home but within education systems and the wider context of children’s health and welfare. We must give attention to our children’s voices, their life experiences and their friendships, and we should encourage holistic approaches to their spiritual wellbeing.

Children are in touch with their spirituality naturally. They live in the present moment and are fully open to their imaginations. We can show our children that even as grown-ups, we each have a little kid inside us who likes to play! As parents or guardians, we have an undertaking to be spiritual teachers and guides to our children and we can achieve this by encouraging their individual creativity, compassionately understanding their experiences, providing wholesome answers to their inquiring minds, and being an example of goodness. Allow their free spirit to express, and encourage them to develop a strong sense of personal worth and meaning through altruistic acts of kindness.

“Children who feel that their lives have meaning and value and who develop deep, quality relationships (both measures of spirituality) are happier.” — Dr Mark Holder

Further Book Reading — Puri by Robin Craig Clark
Puri is a children’s spiritual book that tells the story of love and friendship, kindness and compassion of the soul. Children are usually awake to their own presence and so it is the child who connects with their parent or reader’s presence while the book is being read. Seen through the eyes of a child we begin to learn the virtues for spiritual transformation. In the course of a child’s compassionate act of charity and kindness there forms a caring and loving friendship between two distant worlds. Puri is inspirational and will take you beyond the limitations of language and culture to a world filled with love and laughter we call paradise.

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